at 21.09.2023
Reflex certified to ISO14001

The environment is at the heart of our responsibility. That is why we have added ISO 14001 environmental certification to our existing FSC® certification. This shows that we take environmental protection seriously!

With ISO 14001, we are even more committed to protecting the environment, reducing our environmental footprint, and operating sustainably. This certification confirms that we have rigorous environmental management systems in place and meet the highest standards of environmental protection and sustainability.

Our FSC certification has always stood for the fact that we manufacture our paper products responsibly and support sustainable forestry. Now we are extending this to all aspects of our business.
Thank you to our team who live and breathe this process. Thank you to everyone joining us to work together for a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment and future generations. 🌿🌎

Download: Our certificates