Reflex – Bespoke

Reflex – Bespoke,
Technical possibilities with Reflex, diverse capabilities for individual requirements.

Time and again, we are challenged by the most diverse of industries. And solving such requests is one of our core competencies: With the various technological possibilities of our production facilities, we are able to develop and produce
a paper according to your specific requirements, even for small quantities. The question is therefore not whether we can implement your idea on paper – but actually when to get started.

  • Aging-resistant
    Documents and works of art, which are stored permanently and must be legible even after hundreds of years, are made of age-resistant paper and cardboard.
  • Certification
    Our paper, processes and working methods are continually developed with sustainability in mind, as can be seen from several independent confirmations and certificates.
  • Fibrous materials
    Special fibers can provide a unique sensation, interesting transparencies or special surfaces – perfect for the presentation of your company.
  • Finishes
    Marking felts, dandy rolls or the use of calendering machines can be used to create surfaces that match the brand – for example, smooth versions for modern companies or embossed linen for a fabric manufacturer.
  • Firmness
    Reflex paper with high strength has the necessary stability to be used as a book cover, carrier bag or packaging – wherever high mechanical stresses occur.
  • Food safe
    Our food-grade papers are certified for use in the food industry.
  • Further processing
    Reflex paper products can be used for a wide range of further processing options: They are the ideal basis for special printing processes, finishing and other common methods such as folding, punching or grooving.
  • Good wet strength
    Among other things, wet-strength paper is ideal for bottle labels that must not disintegrate during cleaning as it may otherwise clog the equipment. They are also used wherever paper can replace plastics.
  • Opaque white/colored
    Paper with different weights but exactly the same color – be it different whites or your own
    specific brand color. Can be used perfectly for uniform corporate communication (letterhead, business card, brochures, etc.).
  • Security
    UV fibers, watermarks and embossing are a simple but effective means of creating security – the perfect solution is an individual combination of technologies.
  • Transparent
    Transparent paper from Reflex is used, for instance, in technical drawings or as a graphic element in a brochure. Used as a material for a book cover or a letter envelope, it generates a sense of excitement and arouses the observer’s interest in the content.
  • Watermarks
    Watermarks convey both a sense of security as well as a token of appreciation for the customer or partner – which is essential, for instance, in online retailing where there is no direct contact between the consumer and the manufacturer.

Reflex – Bespoke
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