Our philosophy

Our paper.
Your ideas.

We believe in the future of paper because we know its limitless potential.

We know what paper can deliver because we know what we can deliver.

We know everything about paper and can provide anything concerning paper.
And, for more than 150 years, we have been setting the standard for what is possible with paper.

We question tradition and are enthusiastic about new ideas and industries – in this way, we continue to set new standards.

For this is the only way we can create added value for our customers.

Without you, our paper is just paper.

Perfect solutions only arise through the coming together of your creativity and our know-how, your requirements and our services, as well as your ideas and our abilities.

We make your requirements a reality.
We utilize the limitless potential of paper.

We multiply our know-how with your ideas and together we create perfect solutions.

Our paper.
The trailblazer for your ideas.