at 11.02.2022
Reflex Art Board

Reflex Art Board
The smooth airbrush board with outstanding erasing resistance, also suitable for a large range of wet and dry techniques.

When we  took over the Schoellershammer range of high-quality artist papers in 2015 we were able to replicate most of them perfectly, offering optimized papers for a wide range of applications. However, we have struggled to develop an alternative to the legendary 4G air bush board. Until now…

Driven by the many requests for the popular board, we simply couldn’t give up. With Reflex Art Board, we now present a successor with a newly developed extra smooth surface. Compared to its predecessor, this version is whiter and offers a special haptic experience. The thickness of 1.5 mm remains the same. A new feature is that the front and reverse sides can be painted on. This opens up possibilities for three-dimensional presentation or for testing on the reverse side. The new surface is also suitable for a variety of erasing techniques and will survive them without being damaged. This also applies to the use of masking film and adhesive tapes. The surface remains stable and does not fray.

Reflex Art Board is not only suitable for airbrushers. In addition to acrylic paints, the board can also be used with watercolor and oil paints, tempera, ink and gouache. Reflex Art Board remains dimensionally stable and does not curl, even after days of use with retarder medium.

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