at 16.03.2021
Reflex – A complete year without a reportable industrial accident!

Safe production on the factory premises of the Reflex paper mill

Düren: Three paper machines, cutting and embossing units, and industrial trucks. There are many potential sources of hazards for the approximately 110 Reflex employees on the factory premises of the paper mill. So, it is important to take precautions to prevent accidents. Occupational safety is firmly anchored in the company’s philosophy. Until today, there has not yet been a single serious personal accident. Currently, there was even no reportable industrial accident for a year. This is the result of the consistent implementation of occupational safety measures at Reflex.

Ralf Meier, responsible for occupational safety at Reflex, is glad that no serious accidents have occurred so far, but he knows: “Every day, we have to consistently apply the safety standards and constantly check them. This is the only way to achieve a zero in the statistics over such a long period of time. We must not let up now! All our colleagues are working together to ensure that this accident-free period continues.”

It’s not just the machines that pose a risk. A focus on occupational safety in 2020, was ergonomics in the work places: An issue that is often underestimated. There are insidious complaints that have grown over the years, such as back problems, circulatory or visual disorders. To prevent these ailments, the paper mill has invested in new office furniture and the improved lighting for the workstations.

Michael Sablatnig, Managing Director on one-year accident-free: “As far as company history and records can be traced, we could not find a year with such an outstanding result. A special thanks goes to all employees who actively live a whole range of extensive occupational safety measures!”

Press release 16.03.2021