Reflex Art

Reflex Art,
the versatile collection
of high-quality art paper

for pencil drawings,layouts, watercolours,for working with various techniques. Reflex art paper meets the most demanding requirements. With all the variety of surfaces, materials, colours and gram weight, one thing stays the same:our paper is the ideal base for developing your artistic ideas.


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Reflex Durex
The no. 1 paper for technical drawing with excellent erasability. Available in matt for abrasive techniques and with a smooth finish for line drawings.

Reflex Bristol
The especially smooth, brilliant-white illustration paper, perfect for indelible ink pencils, biros, markers and fineliners.

Reflex Drawing
The versatile drawing paper with a rough surface, suitable for pencils, crayons, felt pens and ink.

Reflex Sketching
The grainy sketching paper, ideal for pencils and crayons.


Reflex Torchon
The watercolour paper containing cotton with a classic torchon surface, ideal for the most demanding artistic requirements.

Reflex Esparto
The watercolour paper made of 100% esparto grass with optimal stability of form through maximum moisture resistance.

Reflex Watercolor
The watercolour paper completely made of cellulose for the most demanding artistic requirements with a classic felt finish.

Mixed Media

Reflex Fine Felt
The finely-structured art paper, ideal for combining light watercolours with pencil, ink or biro drawings.

Reflex Mix Media
The multifaceted grainy art paper, suitable for a large variety of wet and dry techniques


Reflex Art Board
The smooth airbrush board with outstanding erasing resistance, also suitable for a large range of wet and dry techniques.

Reflex Layout
The puncture-resistant illustrator’s paper suitable for markers, crayons, inks and calligraphy.

Reflex Acrylic
The coarse artist’s cardboard for acrylic and watercolour painting.

Reflex Oil
The specially-treated paper with a fine linen surface, ideal for oil painting.


Do you have any questions about our products? Feel free to contact us.