at 29.08.2018
Reflex and
Riegele Brewery

Anyone who has set the highest standards for their products for 630 years, and who has been awarded the title of Craft Brewer of the Year, and who has brewed Germany’s Beer of the Decade will not have low demands when choosing a type of paper with which to label a new variety of craft beer. Sebastian Priller-Riegele and Wolfgang Finklenburg from Reflex on Trevi and the special beer labels by Riegele.

Each individual malt kernel goes through the hands of the critical brew masters.

Life is good here!

Such a high quality and natural product should not have industrial labelling on it. That is not logical. The haptic must be natural, and the feel must be authentic.

Paper is an essential part of brand communication.

Neither the haptic nor the technical side must be forgotten. Extremely fast bottling requires extremely high-quality paper. Trevi does a great job.

That was the biggest challenge: The haptic and authenticity, in combination with a technically optimal process. I had the haptic in mind, and our brewer focussed on the filling.

It’s a double thumbs-up for Trevi.